Born in California, Rae started dancing later in life than most young women in her town. Over the past 20 years she has studied a variety of dance styles including: Ballet, Ballroom (American Smooth & Rhythm), Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and more. She has taught in public schools, private schools, community centers, and ballroom studios. As a choreographer Rae has provided choreography for music videos, concerts, and theater productions.

Choreography by Rae was founded in 2016 in response to Rae’s private clients looking to continue studying dance in a group setting. Using teaching techniques Rae developed while working in public schools, Choreography by Rae offers a unique and fun approach to learning dance. Her students go from shy to shining in as little as 2 months!


Kids Single Private Lesson (45 minutes)

1 Private Lesson for 45 minutes. Suitable for children under the age of 6. Available In Home or In Studio. Non refundable.
48 hour cancellation policy applies.

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Some her career highlights include:

  • Concert choreography for artists working with musicians GQ
  • Music Video choreography for Norwegian hip hop star Aziz Wayne
  • Flash mob choreography for graduating high school seniors

Our Philosophy & Our Family

Our Philosophy is simple. We strive to make movement fun. When learning is fun, we remember it. When we remember something we feel successful and we want to learn more. We want to have more fun. As a recreational dance studio we aren’t focused on competing against other students or other dance studios. We aren’t interested in being the “best” dancers in the world with a shelf full of trophies. When you focus on being the best you will always be working towards defending that title. There will always be someone better than you looking for a chance to claim your title. You risk missing out on the fun of your own growth. Instead are dancers focus on being better. We focus on personal growth. The kind of growth that doesn’t just strengthen our muscles builds also strengthens our self confidence and self discipline. The kind of growth that helps the shy take center stage and allows the energetic to become entertaining.

Your Family

Students at Choreography by Rae come from diverse backgrounds. We believe that the diversity within our program helps students build tolerance and respect for other cultures and customs. Our parents are friendly and passionate about working with our team to help their child’s growth. They trust that the life skills developed through dance can be just as beneficial to their children as the ability to dance. If you are looking to encourage your child’s interest in the performing arts, then contact us today. Concerned about affordability? We offer payment plans and scholarships.

Group Classes or Private Lessons?

Group classes at Choreography by Rae offer an affordable way to improve your dance skills. They also allow you to challenge yourself in a way you might not try if you were studying alone. Choreography by Rae provides affordable dance classes for kids and dance classes for adults.

Private lessons allow for you to learn to dance when your schedule permits. In 15 years I have never met a single person who was completely incapable of learning to dance and I’ve never met anyone with “2 left feet”. I specialize in making dance easy to understand. The first lesson is only $60. Feel free to contact me with any questions.