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Get Support for your Homeschooler.

Frustrated that your kid doesn’t get it? Tired of purchasing highly recommended books and worksheets only to be disappointed by the results? Looking to get your computer whiz off the couch?

What classes do you offer for ages 4-6?

Choreography by Rae’s gender neutral live interactive programs have helped hundreds of homeschooling families battle some of their most frustrating challenges including:

  • Struggling with Essay Writing
  • Literary Analysis
  • Improving Literacy
  • Strengthening Confidence in Writing
  • Computer Literacy

You’re a parent not a superhero. If you’re looking for fewer battles, then join online classes with Choreography by Rae empower you to save the day.

“We’re More than Choreography, We’re Family!”

Our gender neutral interactive Afterschool Program for ages 4-6 ESSA approved courses such as dance, story time, book club, and tutoring.

The Weekly Schedule Includes:

  • Storytime & Art
  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Creative Movement (once a month)
  • Yoga Games (once a month)
  • Karaoke Singalong (once a month)
  • Rhythm & Instruments (once a month)

What classes do you offer for ages 7-14?

Our older learners have a wide variety of options from academic to recreational.

  • Acting
  • Chess
  • Coding
  • Dance (Hip Hop, Ballet)
  • Yoga Games
  • Tumbling


What do we need for class?

For the best class experience we recommend using a laptop. Students are also able to access class using a tablet.

Classes for ages 4-6 generally require art supplies, something for show & tell, and a water bottle.

Classes for ages 7-14 generally require a water bottle for movement classes and a willingness to try.

What if we can’t attend every class?

Stop turning down playdates. Online classes can travel with your family on vacation but some events like birthday parties and playdates mean missing class.

You can opt to schedule a makeup session.


Is online learning as good as face to face learning?

Online learning (Distance learning) has been a part of the American educational system since 1989. Many major Universities have been providing access to college degrees to busy moms, military members, and mid career adults. Homeschool communities and Unschool communities have been using online learning for over a decade to help students meet state guidelines. At Choreography by Rae we believe a better question to ask is “Will my online learning program provide me with a quality education?”

Our program is interactive and our approach is hands on. If you’re looking for quality education, then try our 2 week trial and see what makes us different from the rest.


Monthly Activities | Online Kids Classes at Choreography by Rae…

Storybook Time

Five days a week students explore a new storybook. Divere and Inclusive themes: friendship, community, culture, self-esteem, and funny stories.

Ballet Basics

Build a strong dance foundation in this gender neutral ballet dance class. Dancers learn Ballet terminology in a fun way.

Creative Movement

Young imaginations soar in this movement class. Themes include: Transporation, Space Exploration, Jungle Animals

Art Club

5 days a week, kids create simple art using basic shapes.

Hip Hop Dance

Our signature dance class delivers Hip Hop Dance and Urban Dance moves in a fun and self-confidence boosting way. Finishing with freeze dance.

Yoga Games

Get those wiggles out in this yoga class that blends fast games with moments of stillness and reflection.

Karaoke Singalong

Whether your kiddos is a non-reader or new to reading, this monthly singalong is a great way to suport word recognition.

Game Club

End the week with classic games likes Scavenger Hunt, Simon Says, I Spy, and more!

Member Benefits | Online Kids Classes at Choreography by Rae…

Vacation Friendly

Plan your family vacation with confidence. Convert missed classes to Private Lessons.

Family Support

Worried afterschool classes will interfere with school work? Convert up to 4 classes to Private Tutoring.

Public School Break

Secure your “spring break” and “winter break” activites with our 40 week activity schedule.

Missed a Class?

Running late for class? Kiddo feeling ill? Make up a missed class on your schedule.

Easy Class Changes

Worried your child’s interest will change? Easily change tracks with the hel of our Family Coordinator.

Make Friends

Our small class size allows students to make friends all over the world.

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