Online Kids Ballet Classes

Is my child too young/ old to start dance lessons?

You’re never to young to start dancing, but movement refinement and memory retention vary by age. Our age limits are noted to provide parents with an idea of the difficulty that a class will serve as well as what we anticipate the focus level will be. If you want to accompany your 3 year old to a class for ages 4-6 then just email us at and we will set you up.

We find that children in the recommended age group, are usually able to take class independent of assistance from their parents after the first lesson. If your child knows how to mute and unmute, then they will be able to take class on their own. 

It is not unheard of to be 12 years old and taking your first ballet or hip hop class. Ms. Rae took her first formal ballet class at age 12. Older students have been known to work even harder than younger students and learn very fast. Misty Copeland (principal dancer for, American Ballet Theater) started dancing at age 13. 

It’s never too late to start.

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