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Remote Private Lessons with Ms. Rae

Sure there’s 1,000’s of free YouTube videos and On-Demand Courses just a click away, but some people just work better with others.

Rae gets it because she’s one of those people. 

Knowing you’ve invested in spending time with someone else while working on your dance goals means you’re more likely to follow through and reach your goal. Private 1:1 lessons with Rae can help you learn a new dance or simply get in a fun dance workout.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of being able to go to a dance studio at a time that works for them.

You’re busy. Rae gets it. Because she’s also one of those people.

Commit to working 1 on 1 with Rae on your schedule.  

Book Your 1 Month Trial for only $99

Get 1 month of private lessons (4 thirty minute lessons) with Rae because it’s time that to make your dance and fitness goals work for you. 


Private Lessons are perfect for:

  • Busy professionals, who are bored with the gym and don’t have time for cardio classes.
  • Traveling professionals who want to squeeze in a dance workout while on the go.
  • Families who haven’t had success with finding dance classes or times that work for their schedule.
  • Teens & Preteens who are serious about learning to dance instead of just copying TikTok videos

Event Choreography Starting at $175

Looking for a professional choreography to help make your event a success? Rae has choreographed for music videos, live concerts, corporate functions, and more! Book a 15 minute call to discuss your Choreography needs.


  • Get easy choreography that looks challenging for your group
  • Create flashmob like sequences for your video
  •  Sessions can be done in studio, online, or at a site you provide (pending location)
  • Non-profit rate start at $150
For Quinceanera choreography, click here.
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