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Making dance easy even if you have
2 left feet.

Have a question?

Email us at or text (646) 617-9376  for the fastest response.

Please note phone calls can take 24 hours to receive a response. If you need to speak via phone we recommend texting us that you would like a phone call. 

-xoxo Rae

It's never to late to learn to dance


Do You Offer In Home Lessons?

Yes! In your home, in your apartment buildings fitness room, in your office. Just about anything goes.

Do You do Birthday Parties?

Of Course! Check out the birthday parties page. We offer in studio birthday parties. 

Can I try a free class?

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but no. You get what you pay for and we want you and your family to get the most out of our classes. Does that mean we’re going to charge you “the most”? Nope. Rae always aims to give far more than her clients pay and our reviews confirm we’re on the right track.

What styles do You Teach? Do You do Wedding dances?

Rae has taught about 20 different movement styles and studied almost 40. If you are looking for private lessons in a specific style let Rae know. If she can honestly assist you in your goals then she will. 

Oh, by the way, Rae is one of The Knot’s 2019 Best of Weddings Vendor. She loves Weddings! Check out her wedding website.

If I don't want to continue or can't continue can I get a refund?

Before you purchase a package make sure you have been to a class or taken an Introductory private lesson. When you buy we want you to buy with confidence. If you travel a lot buy a smaller package if you are worried whether you will be able to use the full package before your next trip. Your package is good for 1 year.

Life often brings unexpected surprises. If you experience an emergency that prevents you from continuing then let us know and we will look into whether your package expiration date can be extended.

Can you donate a gift certificate to our school?

Yes I can do choreography for music videos and concerts. Please be ready to book before contacting me. I get a lot of folks wanting to share their ideas. I do not hold meetings. If you are unsure then check out my YouTube, Instagram, and book a single lesson.

Can you donate a gift certificate to our school?

Donations are available to non profit organizations that are able to host an on site visit. We’ll happily come to your PTA meeting, teacher professional development workshop, or school auction.

Do You like Puppies?

Yes. I like puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, and pretty much all household pets.

This is Whiskey. He’s got a lot of catitude.