Coding: Beginner Python Creating Games & Animations Level 1

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About Course

In this self-paced coding class, students will be introduced to Python coding. Each lesson includes an instructional video explaining the concepts. Upon enrollment students will receive access to an online coding platform, where students will be able to create weekly projects. 

Student Pacing:

Students are asked to complete 1 assignment a week. They are welcome to message the instructor with any questions related to their code.


How is this different from a YouTube video?

Most YouTube tutorials simply provide students will a step by step on how to add specific lines of code into a specific coding platform. These videos either do not explain concepts or do not explain them in a beginner friendly way. If after creating a project based on a YouTube video, the student is unable to explain how the program works, why the functions work that way, and demonstrate the ability to use those same skills independent of the video (use their own creativity to create something), then have simply learned to copy what they saw. They have not learned to code. This class is designed enhance user understanding with vocabulary and video explanations. User comprehension is tested through activities, projects, and teacher feedback. 


What makes this class unique?

This class is designed to empower student to transfer their skills beyond the teaching platform.  Students not only learn to code, but also to debug their code. Many young coders rely on trial and error, which does not help learners understand why the error occurred and how to keep it from recurring in future programs. We strongly believe that being good at coding is not about how many “cool” programs a student can make, but whether they can quickly identify errors and correct those errors. 


What is Python?

Python is a coding language used by major social media companies and search engines. Using the Codester platform, we’ll build our Python coding fundamentals. Codester is a project-based platform that allows students to write lines of code. Whether your child is new to coding or experienced in coding but new to Python, they will be able to build a strong coding foundation. 


How does this differ from Scratch?

Scratch is  a block coding program that allows students to use blocks of code that have preset instructions to create games. Unlike block coding in Scratch this class encourages students to focus more on creating functions and understanding the relationship between those functions. This class teaches students how to code without relying on blocks. Students who have used block coding will welcome the challenge of being able to have more control over their program. 


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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will leave with a solid understanding of functions and variables, and how they are used to code games.

Course Content

Week 1| Welcome to coding in Python
Welcome to Introduction to Python Coding.

  • Exploring Python

Week 2| Using Coordinates
This week we'll look at how math concepts play a role in coding.

Week 3| Working with Shapes
This week we'll begin to use shapes in our programs.

Lesson 4| Using coordinates with sprites
Now that we have an understanding of coordinates, let's use this in creating sprites.

Lesson 5| Using Dot Notation with Sprites
Now let's get multiple sprites to do cool things.

Week 6| Working with Multiple Shapes
Let's apply our dot notation skills to working with multiple sprites.

Week 7| Another look at variables
Let's make big changes with less code

Week 8| Custom Project
It's time to put our skills to the test.

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