Hip Hop Dance: Movements for Freestyle & Choreography ( Teeen)

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About Course

Let’s dance! Get ready to learn dance moves that will leave you feeling confident whether dancing with friends or creating your own dance routine. Hip Hop dance is a social dance! In 8 weeks, you’ll learn dance moves that you can do anywhere, you can dance them on a boat, you can dance them with a goat, you can dance them anywhere.

Each week, dancers will receive two videos that that include a dance warm up for warming up muscles and preventing injury and building endurance. Dance moves range from early hip hop to the current decade.

This class is ideal for:
– Beginner Dancers and those without dance experience
– Experienced Dancers who are used to doing choreography and want to develop their freestyle skills.
– Experienced Dancers who are used to doing competitive dance and want to be able to dance with friends in a social setting.
– Teens & Pre-teens who feel like they have no rhythm.
– Dancers who are looking for a deeper understanding of hip hop dance history

How is this different from a YouTube video?
This dance series is a curated collection of popular dance moves that are still continue to be apart of choreographed dance routines today. These dance moves can be used for freestyle or for creating one’s own choreography. Students will also learn about dance history. This course offers and in depth look and is not the same as a YouTube “how to video” or a TiKTok challenge. The video

Do I have to do the warm-up?
The dance warm is mostly the same each week. It is recommended that students don’t skip the warm up as these moves help increase endurance and flexibility. Some of the dance moves are exhausting or are easier with some basic flexibility.

Is this a dance workout? Can I loose weight?
This is not a dance workout. Dance commentary is included in most of the videos as well as movement tips. General increased physical movement may lead to weight loss (calorie burning) or weight gain (building muscles), but this video is not recommended as a weight management tool.

What if I can’t dance or have no rhythm?
Students are welcome to post videos on the class page for teacher feedback/ support. Everyone moves differently and everyone can dance. People who “have no rhythm” usually just struggle to hear the instruments in the music. If it feels right then there’s a 90% chance it looks right. A small 10% of moves just need to be slowed down or sped up to make them look fabulous. When it comes to dance, the best dancers are the confident dancers. No crazy flexibility or strength required.

What if don’t have dance experience?
Never, fear! Ms. Rae has seen professional ballet dancers, jazz dancers, and even tap dancers struggle when it comes to dancing socially. You don’t have to have dance experience to enjoy this course. This course is designed with the beginner dancer in mind, but even if you have a ton of experience chances are you’ll find moves and variations that you haven’t tried before.

Is this like TikTok?
Nope. You’ll learn real dance moves. Not a90 second performances! That could TikTok or YouTube routine is great for impressing friends to one song, but what about the rest of the party? Fun fact, as popular as Breakdancing (Breakin’) was back in the 80’s, dancers quickly realized that stopping a party to have everyone watch them (sometimes accidentally, kicking friends in the process), wasn’t a great way to make new friends.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Each week, dancers will receive two videos that that include a dance warm up for warming up muscles and preventing injury and building endurance. Dance moves range from early hip hop to the current decade.

Course Content

Week 1| Building a dance foundation

  • Welcome to week 1 of Hip Hop & Street Dance
  • Practice what you know!

Week 2| Dance moves focused on the arms
Dancers are invited to focus their movements on the arms and upper body as well as dance techniques.

Week 3| More dance moves focused on the arms
Dancers learn more ways to incorporate arm styling into their dance moves and learn dance moves specifically focused on the upper body.

Week 4| Isolations & Variations

Week 5| Travel on the dance floor
Dancers learn dance moves that are great for traveling around the dance floor. This video offer covers some dance history.

Week 6| Party Moves & from Popular Trends
Dancers learn moves that will make friends laugh or make any party feel more fun.

Week 7| Sneak a Peek at House Dance
Dancers learn dance moves specific to house dance.

Week 8| Understanding Choreography
Dancers learn how choreography differs from freestyle and learn a choreographed routine that they can add to.

Bonus Street Dance!
Dancers learn a basic break dance pattern.

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