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Acting, Drama, & Theater

For children, acting can allow them a chance to explore different ideas on who they are or who they want to be. While many children begin playing make believe at an early age, playing make believe isn’t the same as working as an actor. Choreography by Rae offers private lessons, weekly drop-in classes, and on demand courses to help guide young actors who are series about working in the entertainment industry. Students will learn techniques used by professional actors and how to book acting work. 

Acting Classes with Ms. Rae

Private Lessons:

Private lessons with Rae allow young actors to focus on their performance needs. Students have used private lessons to:

  • Prepare for Film, T.V., Commercial Auditions
  • Prepare for an Theater Auditions
  • Prepare for Drama  School auditions
  • Work on a role that has been booked
  • Help with Dyslexia
  • Help with Reading Comprehension
  • Help with Stage Fright

If you do not see a time that works for you, please email us.

Don’t see a time that works? Just   email us

Join Weekly Drop-In Class:


Students must be at least the age of 10 or be actively auditioning. Actors under the age of 10 and without acting experience should consider private lessons or our On Demand course.

On Demand Courses:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my child get into acting?

While the idea of getting on stage or in front of a camera can be exciting, it helps to know what to do when in the spotlight. Being a working actor involves either auditioning for roles or creating roles; actors often have to memorize lines, take direction, learn when to talk, and how to listen. By both children and their parents keep in mind that building a successful career as an actor takes a lot of time, children interested in working either in community theatre or as a professional actor can have a positive experience as they pursue their dreams.  

My child is shy, can they have their camera off during class?

No. Sharing your camera is necessary for allowing feedback on physical movements when acting out a scene. It is also very difficult of others in the class to perform opposite of a classmate, if they cannot see the other person.

If your child is concerned about other students “seeing” them contact us to discuss.

What equipment do i need?

Classes are taught through Zoom. You do not need to download the Zoom app to attend. You may use a computer, table, laptop, or smartphone. If you prefer to simply call in, know that the instructor cannot see you.

Do you offer private lessons ?

Yes! You can schedule a private lesson. The private lesson can be used for 1 child, all the kids, or for the whole family. To schedule visit Private Lessons page or contact Rae direclty.

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