Chess for Beginners (6 weeks) (3 of 6)

In this 6 week course students will build their foundational skills including learning about the pieces, openings, and how to move the pieces, special moves, and the goals of opening. Students will also learn to use a digital Chessboard. A physical Chess board is not required for this class. An free online Chess account is included in your enrollment. 

Previous experience is not required, but we do recommend students are aware of the pieces. This class is ideal for students with chess experience (less than 10 games on Each class includes time for peer to peer interaction and student games. We offer Absolute Beginner Chess for students with no experience that are looking to learn at a slower pace. 

Each class includes time for peer to peer interaction and student games. The teacher will often highlight moves from student games in order to help students learn from each other. Our small class size enables students to make new friends around the world while playing a game they love. Our friendly team makes learning Chess fun.

Class Overview
- Welcome and Share
- Game Time
- Technique of the Day
- Game Time
- Learning from Each Other & Puzzles

Weekly Overview:
Week 1: Revisiting the pieces and learning the digital chessboard
Week 2: Basic Chess Moves
Week 3: Special Moves (Castling and en Passant)
Week 4: Basic Checkmates
Week 5: Hanging Pieces
Week 6: Goals of the Opening

Students must use a laptop or computer to access the digital Chessboard. Students should be comfortable with basic computer skills without parental assistance including: opening a link, opening a tab, clicking, and dragging.


Jul 07 2022


2:00 pm - 2:55 pm


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