2-Day Youth Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Join Ms. Rae for a fun 2-Day workshop students explore both Old School Hip Hop, new trends, and basic breakin’ moves. Students will learn dance technique, Hip Hop terminology, how to create their own freestyle, and how to follow choreography. The workshop ends with a short combination

Youth Hip Hop Dance is the original cornerstone of Choreography by Rae.

Participants will receive a participation gift bag.


  • Brief Welcome & Share
  • Warm Up
  • Technique & Dance Moves
  • Dance Pattern of the Day
  • Freestyle
  • Breakin’

Benefits of in person Youth Hip Hop at Choreography by Rae:

  • Small class size
  • Peer to Peer Engagement
  • Supports Creative Thinking
  • Improve Rhythm
  • Build Hip Hop Knowledge
  • Improve balance and body awareness


Studio Policies: 

  1. Students  ages 7-12 should be able to engage with peers without parent assistance.
  2.  Parents may not sit in the dance room while students are learning, there is limited seating available outside of the dance room.
  3. Students under the age of 7 may join if accompanied by a sibling at least 7 years of age or enroll in our ages 4-6 workshop.

This award-winning studio offers a friendly environment for students of all abilities and all genders.

2020 Best of Activity Hero Award Winner

2020 Best of Activity Hero Award Winner

2016 KidPass Parents Choice Award Winner


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