Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Chess (11:30am EST)

What will kids learn?

In this class students will learn about pins, skewers, batteries, forks, and other common tactics, and further exploration into alternative openings. Students must have familiarity with special moves and different stages of the game. This class is suitable for students who have played more than 15 games on or on

What do we need for class?

A physical Chess board is not required for this class.

Your enrollment includes an online Chess account. This account will be created for you and includes a 1 month premium subscription. The subscription will empower your kids to practice outside of class. Upon registration we will send you information on what to do if your child already has an online Chess account.

What if the class is too easy for my child?

Not sure about your child’s Chess level? We make leveling up easy, by allowing your child to transfer into another class level (please note we cannot guarantee your child will have the same class time if they need to switch levels).

Our instructors will assess your child’s skill level in the first class and communicate with you if they believe your child would benefit from a different class level.


Sep 18 2021


11:30 am - 12:25 pm


Choreography by Rae