Kids Hip Hop Dance Jam (ages 4-6)

Get ready to move and groove! In this high-energy interactive dance class, students will learn Old School Hip Hop, new dance trends. We’ll learn dance technique, Hip Hop terminology, and a short dance routine, before jumping into freeze dance. This class offers a balance for kids who aren’t ready for a class that is purely “follow the teacher” and offers a great space fore feeling comfortable to dance in a way that each learner chooses to. I offer a friendly environment for students of all abilities and all genders. No dance experience required. This class is designed to support individual self-expression. This class involves physical movement (all abilities are welcome). It is recommended for your child to have water nearby. Students should refrain from eating during class. Please read the class break down carefully.

What to expect:
– We start with Show and Tell (approximately 5 minutes)
– Short warm-up (follow the teacher, 3-5 minutes)
– Students will learn dance moves, short dance routine (10 minutes, follow the teacher)
– Students will engage in Freeze Dance or Freestyle dance (approximately 10 minutes)
– Students will learn a final group move (basic breakdance, moonwalk, Macarena, or other group move (follow the teacher, 3 minutes)

*** This class places emphasis on building coordination, improving musicality, and learning dance moves. Our routine is short. Being perfect at the routine is not our goal.”


Studio Policies

  • Students must use a device that includes either a camera and a microphone (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer).
  • All Classes are Recorded for quality and safety. Recordings cannot be disabled.

This award-winning studio offers a friendly environment for students of all abilities and all genders.

My child is very serious about learning Hip Hop Dance. Is this class a good fit?

No. This class is designed for kids who are growing into dance, which includes developing their attention span. This class does not include counts and the routines are short. If you feel your child would benefit from a longer “follow the teacher” portion then please check out our Hip Hop classes or our On Demand classes.


My child loves music. Can I sign up my 3 year old? 

No. Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 children under the age of 4, walk away after show and tell. Their parents end up dancing to try to get them engaged. We have found that those under the age of 3, do not have the awareness to understand the class is interactive. Please consider joining one of our annual Halloween party or check out our On Demand classes.


My child is autistic. Can my 9 year old join this class? 

Yes. We have had neurotypical kids start class at the age of 5 and stick around until the age of 8. If you believe this class will be a good fit for your kiddo, then we are happy to have your child join. In general, we find that once kids reach the age of 7, they are ready for more complex dance routines.  We have also had kids of all kids on the spectrum have a blast in this class. If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to contact us.


Do you just play KidzBop? 
No. While this class includes many KidzBop songs, we also play Hip Hop, Pop, and House music. The music selected does not contain socially identified “bad words.”  We will not play Elmo or Frozen though we do occasionally play remixes of Disney songs.


My kiddo wants to learn to break dance. Is this a good fit? 
No. It is a 30 minute class and only 5 minutes is devoted to breaking. Please take a look at our live breaking class or our On Demand class.


My kiddo has a short attention span. Is this a good fit?
Children under the age of 6 who are not used to online learning may not be able to focus for the entire class. If your child leaves class early a refund will not be issued. It can take a 6-year-old 2 or 3 classes before they are able to stay engaged the entire class. Engagement is not limited to performing every activity. Engagement can include dancing only to certain songs, watching the monitor and observing other students, jumping/ running while not following the demonstrated dance moves, or singing while not physically moving. Students are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability.


We want to sign up, but we aren’t sure if we’ll make it on time. Is this a good fit?

Please provide no less than 24 hours notice to reschedule a class.  If your child is ill the day of class, then we provide one courtesy rescheduling opportunity every 90 days. Our small class sizes allow for teacher-student engagement. As class sizes are small, we are unable to offer a refund.


Jul 22 2024


7:30 pm - 8:00 pm



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