Stretch & Flex (ages 10 and up)

It can be frustrating as a dancer or an athlete not to be able to do things that may seem simple such as touching our toes. If you’re an athlete and your legs sometimes feel like lead or a dancer who can’t do the splits you’re not alone. Your muscles just need a little extra help that they aren’t getting from your regular warm-up routine or a regular Yoga class.

This class combines core strengthening, stretching, foam rolling, and self-myofascial release techniques to improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase flexibility. Each class starts with a brief discussion where students can share any trouble spots (sore calves, tight lower back) then we’ll go into our focused warm-up. All exercises can be modified based on students physical ability.

This class is ideal for:
– Runners, Basketball Players, Soccer Players, and athletes who sprint a lot.
– Dancers who can’t do the splits.
– Students who feel like they struggle to touch their toes.
– Students who feel like they have limited range of motion in their backs or hips.

This class involves physical movement (all abilities are welcome). It is recommended to have water nearby. Students should refrain from eating during class.

Class Overview:
– Welcome
– Energy Bursts
– Foam Rolling
– Stretching & Strengthening

This class drop in class is open to ages 10 and up.


Studio Policies

  • All Classes are Recorded for quality and safety. Recordings cannot be disabled.

This award-winning studio offers a friendly environment for students of all abilities and all genders.


Jul 22 2024


4:00 pm - 4:30 pm



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