Summer Camp (ages 4-6)

Online Camp with Choreography by Rae is both interactive and fun. In this 90 minute online camp kiddos will enjoy three activities designed to balance movement, critical thinking, socializing, and creativity. Our small class setting allows kids to socialize with their peers while still getting individual attention from the instructor. Give your little one a fun day with friends while you spend the uninterrupted time doing grown up things.

The activity schedule is:

Arts & Crafts

Our Movement schedule changes daily:

Mondays- Super Hero Training Camp
Tuesdays- Yoga Games
Wednesdays- Hip Hop
Thursdays- Creative Movement
Fridays- Dance Party or Puppet Picnic (these activities will rotate weekly)

Please note this camp is designed to support healthy vision and student social interaction.

What are the benefits of online camp?

We believe that every child should be able to go to camp. For many kids outdoor camp isn’t an option whether it’s due to price, location, or physical limitations. Online camp offers an affordable and fun way to help your kid maintain social interaction with kids outside of your home. It’s convenient enough to travel with your busy family. Online camp does not have to be a substitute for in person camp, feel free to combine in person and online activities that allow your family to get the most out of the summer.

We’ve found 90 minutes to be the maximum attentions span for online activities for kids ages 4-6. If your kid is turning 7 soon or has the stamina for a longer day, then be sure to check out our 3 hour camps.