March word of the Month


Ms. Rae’s definition:

Dynamics in dance is the sparkle. It’s the changes we use to a dance move to make a dance routine more interesting to the audience. Adding Dynamics can mean changing levels, changing direction, changing speed, and basically making audience go “wow.”

Wow! How audiences feel when watching a dance that has Dynamics.


An example of dynamics in dance: Funky walk with levels!

Google’s Definition: 

There were a lot of long definitions online. Here’s the shortest: “The degree of energy, intensity, or power in the execution of movements.” (

How audiences feel when watching a dance that has no dynamics. Boring! Yawn. Also kind of how I feel reading Google’s definition of Dynamics. ZZZzzzz

Dance Goal:

Learning to use Dynamics in our dancing.

Family Fun:

How many different directions can you travel in? Can you move your body in 2 directions at once? Challenge an adult or sibling.

Explore This!

Use directional changes and levels together in your next freestyle!