Choreography by Rae

Don't Think. Just Move.

Choreography by Rae offers Group classes and Private Dance Lessons for Adults. 2 left feet? No problem. No rhythm required.

Come to Play or Come to Slay in one of our gender neutral classes.​

Group Class

Weekly Group Classes starting April 2019. Reserve your spot today.

Worried about 2 left feet? Let Choreography by Rae help you find the beat in one of our Self Confidence boosting dance classes.

Whether you’re nervous and new to dance or a former club goer looking to relive your glory days, we can help you find your groove.

Private Lessons

No matter your goal, dance lessons with The Queen of Choreography will help you get there. Reasons to book Private Lessons and Semi Private Lessons:
– Improve Rhythm
– Fun Hobby
– Get Fit while Feeling Fabulous
– Prepare for an Audition or Performance
– Special Event (Music Video, Concert, Birthday)

Online- Coming Soon

Can’t make it the studio? No problem. Online classes are coming your way.

Join our email list and be the first to receive access to our online classes. 

"Coach Rae was phenomenal. I am now 20x more comfortable with dancing than I was before."
-Coach Up Client and fantastic Basketball Coach
“She is amazing in every way! I didn’t dance at my own wedding, as an indicator of how bad I am. She has me moving and excited and hopeful! ❤️"
- Coach Up Client and amazing Mom of 4

It's never too late to Learn to Dance.

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Cat pants and Salsa shoes? The Queen of self confidence boosting choreography invites you to bring your own style.

Drink water. Bring water. Stay Hydrated.

For Hip Hop sneakers with smooth soles are ideal.

For flirt bring heels for after the warm up. Knee pads are optional.

Sweat. You will probably sweat. It’s normal. 

Some stretches and strengthening. Look you may not do lunges before you hit the club, but chances are you probably aren’t dancing full out the whole time (2 stepping all night does not count). Let’s not injure ourselves. Suck it up. You’ll thank me later.