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Kids Dance Classes & Acting Classes

Ready to help your child put the fun back in funky? We care about keeping NYC dance classes and NYC acting classes fun for kids and teens. If your child is new to dance, acting, or just looking for some self confidence boosting fun, then visit us at one of our 3 locations.

  • Upper West Side (131 West 72nd Street, NYC)
  • Midtown Manhattan (305 West 38th Street, NYC)
  • Chelsea (134 West 29th Street, 2nd fl., NYC)

Evening & Weekend Classes for Adults (age 15 and up)

Adult Dance Classes

Worried about 2 left feet? Let Choreography by Rae help you find the beat in one of our Self Confidence boosting dance classes.
Whether you’re nervous and new to dance or a former club goer looking to relive your glory days, we can help you find your groove.

Come to Play or Come to Slay in one of our gender neutral classes.​

Cat pants and Salsa shoes? The Queen of self confidence boosting choreography invites you to bring your own style.

Drink water. Bring water. Stay Hydrated.

For Hip Hop, sneakers with smooth soles are ideal.

For Flirt, bring heels for after the warm up. Knee pads are optional.

Sweat. You will probably sweat. It’s normal. 

Some stretches and strengthening. Look you may not do lunges before you hit the club, but chances are you probably aren’t dancing full out the whole time (2 stepping all night does not count). Let’s not injure ourselves. Suck it up. You’ll thank me later.

Looking to move on your time? Check out Private Dance Lessons.

Rae is an AMAZING teacher and coach. She is kind and helpful and caters to all skill levels. She is super fun to work with as well!
(Coach Up Client)