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Self Confidence Boosting Fun


Can We just show up?

No. Advanced registration is required for all classes. This helps us to know how many supplies to bring. If you have a package use the code emailed to you to login and select the class date & time you want to attend.

Can my 5 year old take class with my 7 year old ?

Yes. If your 5 year has experience in a structured  class setting (pre K, dance class, other organized recreational activity), then your kids can be in the same class if you would like. 

How much are classes?

A single drop in class is $25 for both our 45 minute classes and our 55 minute classes. Our 45 minute classes often involve props, which prevents us from offering a lower price. For the best pricing look at the class packages. Packages can make classses as affordable as $18.60 per class.

Do students get to perform or compete?

Yes and No! We do not enter students in competitions nor do we compete as a studio. We want our dancers to compete against themselves. This allows our students to reach their fullest potential. Students have the option to perform at our annual student showcase as well as join Dance Parade in New York City.

Can my child dance like that guy on youTube?

Yes and No! I’m not Matt Stefania and I am not WildaBeast. YouTube is filled with tons of inspiration and NYC is filled with tons of choreographers. My goal is to bring your child’s inner dancer out and let it shine. Our younger dancers do not start with complex choreography, but classes can help any child fascinated with YouTube tutorials, Just Dance, and possibly FortNite.

What if we are running later/ need to cancel?

If you know you can’t make it to class at least 24 hours in advance then you can easily login to your account and reschedule. 

If you are running late just text Rae. Students more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted to join class. They will have missed the warm up which is important to moving safely in class.

Can I sit in the class and watch?

No. Students get distracted with guests. There are 2 times a year when parents and family members can observe students: the final week of programming in January and the optional End of the Year Student Showcase.

Do I need to buy special shoes or a uniform ?

While we do not require leotards we do ask that all Creative Movement students were ballet shoes. The shoes allow students to slide and move faster. We have some spare shoes on site. 

Do You offer Refunds?

No. The overall program tuition is lower than many of the big studios because we believe money shouldn’t stop anyone from following their dreams. Buty with confidence and get a single class before purchasing a package.

Do you offer private lessons ?

Yes! Many families have gathered together a few friends to arrange their own private and semi-private class In Home or In Studio. Visit the Private Lessons page or contact Rae direclty.