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Stop Scrambling to find activites for kids. Get year round quality online kids classes that goes where ever you go. Get Started for only $49.95.

Ohio’s Online Performing Arts & Technology Center

Choreography by Rae online classes are self-confidence boosting fun. Our signature online dance classes paired with one of our movement classes helps dancers improve flexibilty and body awareness. Connect with local families in Powell, Mason, and Dublin plus make friends around the world.

Ages 4-6| Online Story, Art, Dance

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Our youngest movest and shakers love creativity and are curious for new experiences. During your 2 week Introductory Session, your child will be able to explore different dance styles, make new friends, and explore new storybooks!

Get 2 classes a week for 2 weeks with our Introductory Package

Get 4 classes for $49.95


Ages 6-14| Online Kids Classes in Performing Arts

Online dance classes at Choreography by Rae provide a student facilitated learning environment, that supports peer to peer engagement. Classes are more than memorizing choreography, students learn technique, dance history, and improve strategic thinking. With a dedicated student coordinator assisting in academic outreach and class satisfaction, we’re confident our online studio wil feel like home.

Get 4 classes for $49.95

  • 2 Ballet Classes
  • 2 Hip Hop Classes
  • Introduction to Tumbling & Circus Arts
  • Inroduction to Yoga Games

Ages 8-14| Online Kids Classes in Coding & Chess

Is your preteen curious about Chess, but unsure how to start?

Maybe they’re crazy about Robolox and looking to code their own games. Our Chess and Coding classes make learning strategic thinking fun!

Get 4 classes for $49.95

  • 2 Chess Classes
  • 2 Coding Classes

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