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5 Steps to Online Learning Success

Make Space

Create a space in your home designed for learning. A corner of a room decorated with learning material, even a special placemat at the dinning room table sets the tone that learning happens everywhere.

Reduce Distractions

Noise Canceling Headphones, turning the T.V. off, and keeping cellphones in a central location can reduce distractions and strengthen self-discipline. Web Browser Parental Controls can help older students stay off gaming sites and YouTube.


Be Prepared

Keep devices charged or have charging cables accessible. Bring class supplies (art material, water bottle, snack) to class. Remind younger students to go to the bathroom before class starts.

Look for High Engagement

A quality online program is more important than price. Paying for a cheap program that your kid never attends is a waste of money. Look for High Engagement classes, student feedback, and a friendly teacher student ratio.

Set Goals & Expectations

Encourage your child to do their best even when things are tough. Help them set completion goals and find rewards that support independence. Don't bribe your kid.


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