Online Classes for Kids

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Online Storytime for Kids

Our Interactive storytime, starts encourages young minds to ask questions. This class is designed to develop listening skills, group interaction, movement exploration, and observational skills.

Student’s Enjoy:

  • Show and Tell
  • Drama Game
  • Interactive Read Aloud
  • Reflection
  • 1-2 Dance Party!
  • Storytime only (ages 4-5)

Afterschool Storybook Clubs

Diverse & Inclusive

Storytime Only (5 days a week)

Diversity & Creativity

Storytime, Movement, Art (5 days a week)

Members Only

Junior Book Club (bimonthly)

Drop In Classes (only on Outschool)

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Vacation Friendly

Plan your family vacation with confidence. Convert missed classes to Private Lessons.

Family Support

Worried afterschool classes will interfere with school work? Convert up to 4 classes to Private Tutoring.

Public School Break

Secure your “spring break” and “winter break” activites with our 40 week activity schedule.

Missed a Class?

Running late for class? Kiddo feeling ill? Make up a missed class on your schedule.

Easy Class Changes

Worried your child’s interest will change? Easily change tracks with the hel of our Family Coordinator.

Make Friends

Our small class size allows students to make friends all over the world.

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