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Text Rae directly: (646) 617-9376 fastest response Email: usually responds within 1 hour Call: (646) 617-9376 usually responds within 24 hours
The go to spot form long form studio content like videos and amazing articles. Facebook -The place for student shout outs, class photos, dance tips, inspirational photos, and short dance clips Instagram -Dance Crew video clips "coming soon!"YouTube -The place where students can view and share inspirational photos and learn dance history (coming soon). Pinterest -The place for fun and information readingBlog
Studio Notifications: Class Reminder emails will automatically be sent out weekly (can be imported into Google Calendar and iCal. Text reminders will automatically be sent out weekly. You can unsubscribe form receiving reminder emails or reminder text messages. This must be done in studio so please let me know. If you would like more than 1 parent added to the notifications or mailing list, please let us know
Weather or State of Emergency updates: Classes will be rescheduled if local weather reports include Extreme Cold (temperatures below 15 degrees), blizzard or snow fall 5 inches or greater, and Hurricane Watch. Make up classes will be scheduled for June 2018. Most make up sessions will fall on the same day and time as the original class. Announcements will also be posted on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Families will be notified of cancellations via email and text. Even if you opt out of class reminders via email or text, class cancellations will still be sent to you via email and text.
Choreography By Rae® encourages self expression in the dance education process and attire is a part of that process. Clothing should not be distracting to the dancer or to fellow students. -Jewelry tends to be distracting for young children and is best not worn in class. -Jeans are prohibited and Mesh shirts are prohibited in dance class. -Crop tops/ Belly shirts may be worn if a leotard or tank top is worn underneath. -Absolutely no “sagging” pants. Good rule of thumb for young women and men: if I can see your underwear, your navel, or your butt cheeks then rethink your attire. Proper attire and foot ware is essential for safety. No sandals, slip on shoes (unless they are specifically designed for dance), boots, or flip flops.
Semester- Choreography By Rae® offers a 16 week semester in addition to workshops and performance opportunities. Students enrolled registered for the semester are included in the scheduled showcase, receive discounted tuition, and discounts on dance supplies. The parent must provide at least 24 hours written notice (text or email) to Choreography By Rae® if the child is unable to attend one of the scheduled classes. If advanced notice is provided, then the student may attend a different class at which location is most convenient for the family as a makeup class. If you suspect your child might be sick, it is better to cancel the night before class. You can always reschedule that morning if your child is healthy.