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Children & Teen Program

Attendance and Illness

Semester- Choreography By Rae® offers a 16 week semester in addition to workshops and performance opportunities. Students enrolled registered for the semester are included in the scheduled showcase, receive discounted tuition, and discounts on dance supplies. The parent must provide at least 24 hours written notice (text or email) to Choreography By Rae® if the child is unable to attend one of the scheduled classes. If advanced notice is provided, then the student may attend a different class at which location is most convenient for the family as a makeup class. If you suspect your child might be sick, it is better to cancel the night before class. You can always reschedule that morning if your child is healthy.

Drop In- Families who are unable to commit to a full 16 week semester are welcome to join us as your child’s schedule permits. Advanced registration is required by all participants. Students who are unable to attend a class are not eligible for a refund.

KidPass- Families who register via KidPass are subject to the cancellation and refund policy as outlined by KidPass.

Groupon- Choreography By Rae® no longer list services via Groupon. If your family has an unused voucher that has not expired, then you may contact us directly to schedule your child’s classes.

Refunds/ Cancellations/ Emergencies:

No refunds. Please try one of our classes at the Drop In rate before committing to the semester. Please see Attendance/Illness for our cancellation policy. If your child or your family experiences an extreme emergency (job loss, severe illness) please contact us to see what arrangements can be made.


Choreography By Rae® encourages self expression in the dance education process and attire is apart of that process. Clothing should not be distracting to the dancer or to fellow students. Jewelry tends to be distracting for young children and is best not worn in class. Jeans are prohibited and Mesh shirts are prohibited in dance class. Crop tops/ Belly shirts may be worn if a leotard or tank top is worn underneath. Absolutely no “sagging” pants.

Good rule of thumb for young women and men- if I can see your underwear, your navel, or your butt cheeks then rethink your attire.

Proper attire and foot ware is essential for safety. No sandals, slip on shoes (unless they are specifically designed for dance), or flip flops.

Policies for Private Lessons

 Refunds/ Cancellations/ Rescheduling/ Emergencies:


Services are non refundable. The first appointment provides all clients with an opportunity to get to know if I am a capable of helping them reach their dance goals.


If you are scheduled for a private lesson and can no longer attend, then you may reschedule. Rescheduling must take place no less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. Rescheduling requests received less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment are subject to fees. Remember all appointments require advance payment. If a student has been charged a Late Cancellation Fee or Same Day Cancellation Fee, then this fee must be paid in full before the next lesson begins.

Late Cancellation Fee is $50 (less than 48 hours notice)
Same Day Cancellation Fee is full price of the lesson (less than 24 hours notice)

No refunds are given. If you decide you are unable to continue your dance or theater education with Rae, you may speak to Rae about transferring your remaining balance to a friend. A transfer is not guaranteed and your request must be approved.


Rescheduling request must be received no less than 48 hours before the appointment otherwise the appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee. Please note I understand last minute events happen, but non emergency cancellations (stuck in traffic, stuck at work) result in my being charged by the studio in addition to my turning down other clients. My doctor charge’s a cancellation fee. The credit card company charges a late fee. Big Studios charge a late fee. I hate charging the fee more than you hate paying it, but I also hate getting a cancellation text 20 minutes before a lesson.


Major Emergencies! There are 2 types of major emergencies. One involves the ER. If you experience a major emergency that affects your ability to continue dancing together please let me know and I’ll see what can be worked out.

Please note: The common cold or the Flu is not considered a major emergency. I don’t want you or your child to feel sick in class. If you or your child is experiencing cold or flu symptoms notify me immediately to discuss the possibility of rescheduling or substituting an online session.