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Online Dance Classes

Self Confidence Boosting Fun in the comfort of your own home.

Getting Started on Zoom

Getting Set up:
All classes take place on Zoom. To participate in class you will need an electronic device (smartphone, tablet. laptop, computer, television with internet access). 

New to Zoom:
We recommend testing your Dance Studio Pro login at least 1 hour before your class start time. If you can not locate your Dance Studio Pro login details email or text: (646) 617-9376.

If you are having login trouble and your class has already started be sure to email or text us. If we can not assist you or class has reached the halfway mark we will email you to confirm moving your child to the following week.

Be sure to place your electronic device in a room where the internet connection is strong. Your child’s class experience can be greatly affected by your internet connection.


We take privacy very seriously. To prevent our students:

-our classes are accessible using Dance Studio Pro. This reduces the chances of someone redistributing the Zoom link/ password.

-we use a secure waiting room

-all attendees must preregister

-attendees are admitted to the classroom by the instructor

Making Remote Learning Fun

Celebrate your child's interest in the arts. Contact Ms. Rae today!

Tips for a successful On Line experience:

Getting Set Up:

    • Your confirmation email should include a link to Zoom. You can join the class using a web browser or the Zoom app. download the Zoom app.
    • Decide whether your using a smart phone, laptop, or computer. If you screencast to a t.v. be sure your microphone and camera are still nearby.
    • Be sure to share your microphone and camera so Rae can see you and hear you (not required for free reading time, but recommended for the interactive portion of the reading group).
    • For Private Lessons make sure Rae has the correct email/ phone number for you so she can learn more about your lesson goals. 

Suspect Illness?

If your child has signs of illness now, it is better to cancel at least 15 minutes before class.Just email or text Rae. You can always reschedule your artist is feeling better.

Email: or text Rae directly at (646) 617-9376


What equipment do i need?

Classes are taught through Zoom. You do not need to download the Zoom app to attend. You may use a computer, table, laptop, or smartphone. If you prefer to simply call in, know that the instructor cannot see you.

Do I have to pay per child?

If the children are sharing the same electronic device you do not need to pay per child.

Do I have to share my camera?

Sharing your camera is necessary for private lessons and group classes.

You do not have to share your camera during reading time or dance jam.

If your child is concerned about other students “seeing” them then let Rae know so arrangements can be made for only Rae to see your child in a group class.

What if we need to cancel?

You may register for class at least 2 hours before the scheduled class time. 

Private lessons may be scheduled at least 1 hour before the scheduled start time. 

Reschedule request may be made no less than 1 hour before the scheduled start time. 

If you are experiencing a health emergency that prohibits canceling with 1 hour notice, please contact Rae to discuss.

Do You offer Refunds?

We understand that restrictions on movement has impacted many families differently. Group Class enrollment remains open up until 15  minutes before the class. Private lesson request are available up until 1 hour before the start time and rescheduling request are accepted up until 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

We are unable to provide refunds, but will work with you to reschedule.

Do you offer private lessons ?

Yes! You can schedule a private lesson. The private lesson can be used for 1 child, all the kids, or for the whole family. To schedule visit Private Lessons page or contact Rae direclty.