Jazz & Theater Dance Class




In this 55 minute interactive dance class students will build their dance foundation using Jazz technique, Modern dance technique, and Musical Theater technique. Students will focus each month on a different music style and will learn to count choreography. Playlist includes pop music by One Direction, Descendants, Frozen, and Hamilton. No Dance Experience Required. 


  • Brief Welcome & Share
  • Warm Up
  • Technique
  • Choreography
  • Cool Down

Benefits of online Jazz & Musical Theater Dance at Choreography by Rae:

  • Small class size
  • Peer to Peer Engagement
  • Improves Musicality 
  • Improves Emotional Connection to music
  • Improves balance and body awareness
Class runs for 55 minutes.

This Virtual Class takes place online. It is not offered in person.

This Class is offered:

  • Monday: 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST
  • Tuesday: 3:30pm EST / 12:30pm PST
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