Ms. Rae- dancer, choreographer, educator


I’m Ms. Rae- a professional teaching artist and performer. I’ve spent years offering private lessons to children and adults. Over time I realized that though New York City had tons of pre-professional dance programs, there weren’t a lot of quality recreational dance programs. As a teaching artist I often work with 300-400 students in a year and meet tons of kids who spend their weekends doing Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. The same kids who are quick to show me the splits would stand firmly in a corner singing along to Taylor Swift and Rihanna. These kids “loved” to dance, but felt they didn’t know “how” to dance once their favorite song came on. That’s when I decided to dedicate my weekends to helping kids develop healthier relationships to dance. Not everyone can invest a year in private lessons, but everyone can learn to dance. Seriously, anybody can learn to dance. I’ve taught dance to visually impaired senior citizens, Deaf adults and children, kids in wheelchairs, and children with autism. My students are proof that learning to dance is easy and I’m proof that loving to dance can be fun. So now that you know a little about me, take a look at what we offer and what you’ll find in our community.

Summer Program

Fall 2018/ Spring 2019


See What We OfferWe are a recreational dance program that provides performance opportunities for children. Classes currently include:

  • Hip Hop Dance (includes some basic breaking moves and Street Jazz)
  • Contemporary Jazz/ Musical Theater Jazz
  • Creative Movement (introduces Jazz and Ballet technique)
  • Pop music dance (heavy choreography focus)
  • Beginner Acting