Studio Update 3.26.22

Studio Updates:

  • Academics are strong- our writing program is generating some buzz and we’re getting positive feedback. Training on Writing Course implementation will be available in April.
  • Do you love Fractions? We have a new math course for 4th-5th grade. We will be working out the curriculum in April (thanks Mr. Rafael) and we’d love to know if anyone feels they can sub this class or teach it should it gain some traction.
  • Teacher Dashboard functionality improved- it seems a few software updates may have hampered the ability for some of you to update your schedules. This issue has been fixed. Let me know if you still have issues.
  • Hong Kong spring break. The anticipated Hong Kong rush hasn’t been what we expected (no big surprise there), but we believe there may be a new story time audience with these classes. As attendance builds, I’ll be reaching out to teachers to assign some of these classes.
  • Bathroom problems! Some of our younger students seems to need the bathroom in the middle of class at the same time every class. For a 30 minute or 55 minute class, the family really should plan better. Never tell a kid they can’t go to the bathroom (it’s their house), but if you think you have a repeat offender then tell them to go and remind them to try to go before class.

Have a laugh

Rae: Do you have your art supplies ready?

Boy: No.

Rae: Uhuh. Where is your paper?

Boy: It’s in the other room.

Rae: Do you need to get it? Are you able to get it?

Boy: I need to get out of this bathroom!

Rae to self… I thought he was sitting next to a toilet

Rae: Are you able to leave are you allowed to leave… Okay, I we’ll make some magic. I will put you in the waiting room and we will count to 15 then I will bring you back and it will be like magic.

Boy: Okay.

Boy starts to stand up before Rae can put him in the waiting room. Takes 5 seconds to get him out of student view. Rae has to email Outschool safety to delete the video of the little boy with is pants down.

More Full Moon Stories

2021- 10 year old started twerking and mooned Rae

2021- 11 year old was excited about her acting assignment and stood up, but forgot she wasn’t wearing pants (thankfully no one else was present)

Got a full moon tale? Would love to here it.