Teaching Needs as of 9.18.23

Choreography by Rae provides quality self-confidence boosting activities online. We welcome contractors who are kind, energetic, supportive, and able to thrive working with a team. To ensure that students have a consistently positive experience, all of our classes have a basic structure that educators follow when teaching online.

All positions are remote.

You must have a laptop or computer to work from (no chromebooks).

The pay is non-negotiable. We offer contracts based on what our budget allows. If you are replying to an ad on Indeed and feel you are over qualified for the pay, then feel free to revisit us when we have posted an opportunity with a pay rate that matches your skill set.

We do periodic contract reviews. Every quarter we review contracts, performance, and our budget to see where we can increase pay for team members. Many of our team members receive a new contract with an increase pay rate within 4 months.

All new team members must be willing to work with us on Outschool and on Choreography by Rae. This includes a background check. If you are new to Choreography by Rae, and would like to apply for a position, please send your resume to help@choreographybyrae.com along with 2 references (at least 1 reference being work related).

Teaching & Administrative Needs as of 9.18.23:

  • Chess (Beginner & Advanced Beginner)** priority
  • Essay Tutoring** priority
  • Book Club
  • Tumbling, Acrobatics Basics to Intermediate
  • Portuguese (fluent, native speaker)** priority
  • Ballet (all levels)
  • House Dance
  • Breakin’ (Breakdance)
  • Coding (Scratch, Code.org, CodeMonkey, Python, JavaScript, HTML/ CSS)** priority

We strongly encourage POC to apply.