Class Clips

Curious as to what all the laughter is about? Take a peak inside our weekly classes.

Goals of the Month

April– Building an Understanding of Timing

March– Using Dynamics in your Freestyle

February– 1 push up (tricep)

Rewards Tracking

Track your dance dollars and cash them in for gift certificates to Sephora or Barnes and Nobles!

Individual student dance dollars will be posted here soon.

Chatting with Rae

Yes you can now request a song or ask Miss Rae a question about the performing arts.

Inspirational Videos

More Videos coming soon!





Vocabulary definitions and quiz coming soon!

Vocabulary Corner

How many of these words do you know?

Fun Facts

Hip Hop is more than just a type of dance. It’s a culture! It has it’s own:

  • music
  • dance moves
  • clothing
  • writing/ art (Grafitti)
  • Language (not used so much today, but this was big in the 80’s).


Enjoy Group Classes in Manhattan.

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