What’s your dance personality? Finding the right dance class for your child

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What’s your dance personality? Finding the right dance class for your child

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Having taught dance to kids and adults of varied abilities: neuro-typical, visually impaired, Deaf, Autistic, Wheelchair users, and victims of trauma I can honestly say that anyone can dance. What’s the old saying? “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Most of the students I work with that swear they, “can’t dance” or “hate dancing” just haven’t had an opportunity to find the right dance style for their personality type.

At Choreography by Rae we offer a variety of dance styles. While enrolling in “Jazz, Tap, and Ballet” is the standard formula at many dance schools, this is a useful formula if your child is looking to take on the Broadway stage. Even now Broadway actors are finding that knowing a musical instrument, acrobatics, and aerial are increasingly required to stay competitive in the industry. But what about the kid who wants to dance because of musical interest? What about the child who can’t stand still for a tendu into a soutenu? What about the child who can’t stand up to do a shuffle time step? Do they have to abandon dance altogether? Absolutely not. There is a dance style for everyone. I can honestly say this not just because I have taught a variety of abilities, but also because I’ve studied almost 40 different styles of dance. Take a look at Choreography by Rae ® Personality Chart to see which class might be ideal for you dancer. While the chart was comprised with our dance program in mind, for families residing outside of New York City you can use the chart help you identify what types of classes you should be looking for when finding the “right class” for your child.

Keep in mind this chart is based off Personality not Physical ability.

Have a question about whether your differently abled child is ready for dance class? I’m happy to help answer your questions regardless of what city you live in. Register for “A chat with Rae” on Facebook Live.

Download the Chart

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