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Thunder Boy

Read Aloud with Rae 4/3: Thunder Boy by Sherman Alexie

By Rae Wilson

What’s in a name? A lot especially if your name isn’t a common name. This Friday’s Read Aloud with Rae invites your young detective to explore Sherman Alexie’s Thunder Boy.

The reading starts at 2pm on Friday 4/3 and runs approximately 20 minutes. Be sure to RSVP online to save your kiddos spot. Space is limited. Be sure to try logging on a few minutes early. It is hard to admit friends once the session has started.

All reading sessions are free, but tips are always appreciated: Venmo

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Preparing for our Read Aloud:

– Dress the part. Find a fun “rain hat”, a t-shirt with an umbrella on it, or pop on some rain boots. Looking for an excuse to use that secret stash of lighting bolt tattoos? You’re in luck. 

Coloring sheet from
Coloring sheet from Crayloa

– Print out the free coloring sheet and let your book detective do some coloring before the reading session. Kids will have a chance to show their pictures at the beginning of class.

“Leyla, have you seen BoBo the keep of great hugs?” 

After the Reading Session:

– Keep the conversation going! Invite your child to learn the meaning of a family member’s name.

– Inquire whether a favorite stuffed animals name has a special meaning.

– Ask your child if they have a friend whose name has a special meaning. This is a great way to help older kids have a conversation with their friends.

– Come up with ridiculous names. Create a silly name by using a food and a color/ plant. The crazier the name the more laughs. “Hi, my name is Peanut Butter Bluebell.”

– Imagine that a pillow in your home is more than a pillow, but the keeper of great hugs or sleepy dreams. Together come up with a cool name for the pillow. Throughout the weekend reference your newly named pillow.

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