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Class Descriptions

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Work Study

Designed to help those interested in dance lessons and dance education.

Open to adults ages 18 and up, the work-study program is designed to be both flexible and informative. Work-Study participants are expected to commit to a minimum of 4 months.

For Free Classes 

To earn a free adult class for yourself or a kids class for your child, we ask for that you work 6 hours a week. 

For Discounted Classes (you will pay $5 per class):

To earn discounted classes for yourself or your child, we ask that you work a minimum of 3 hours per week.

For Discounted Classes (you will pay $5 per class):

Ages 6 and Up

Youth Hip Hop/ Youth & Teen Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance is a street dance that was developed by people without ballet or modern dance training.  Our unique curriculum is designed to provide your dancer with a well rounded Hip Hop Dance foundation. Your dancer will learn Old School Hip Hop, Street Jazz (think Music Videos), Hip Hop dance trends (think Nae Nae, Hit the Folks), and basic Breaking moves.

Youth Jazz

Our youth Jazz dance class provides a dance foundation using musical theater dance and contemporary jazz technique. Students move to pop music and musical theater songs– learning to use dance to create stories to music. Dancers are encouraged to move with emotion and intent. 


Absolute Beginner Hip Hop

No rhythm required. In this class dancers work on building foundational dance skills that will help them when dancing at parties, learning choreography, learning from online videos, and taking other dance classes.

Looking for Private Lessons?

Celebrate your child's interest in the arts. Contact Ms. Rae today!

Tips for a successful studio experience:

Know before you go:

    • Double check the studio location. If your class is at Ripley Grier Studios on the Upper West Side (131 West 72nd Street), this studio does not have an elevator and we are on the 4th floor. Best to leave your stroller at home.
    • Water bottle is recommended for all classes.
    • All Youth classes are Drop Off. Some times students are more shy in front of their parents. If it is your child’s first class we ask that you give the instructor your cell phone number and stay in the neighborhood in case you are needed. Beyond the first day many parents run errands, go have lunch, and do other cool grown up things.

Suspect Illness?

If your child has signs of illness now, it is better to cancel at least 24 hours before class.Just log in to your account and cancel your session. You can always reschedule the morning of if your artist is feeling better.

For same day cancellations contact Ms. Rae. Class credit for same day cancellations is only offered in extreme circumstances (high fever, vomiting). email: or text Rae directly at (646) 617-9376